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Stomach Bug Get Better Then Came Back

This is why for a week or two after your child has a stomach bug you should feed her only real foods, not packaged, artificial foods. Next, “go slow” with getting back to her usual volume of meals. We call this the Rule of Twos: Eat half as much and chew twice as long. Grazing rather than gorging is much easier on healing intestines. She felt his stomach etc and said it was probably just a bug.

On Saturday he vomited several more times. He then seemed to recover, though would occasionally say that his tummy hurt. He was fine on Monday, and went to nursery (daycare), but when he got home he seemed really tired &. Stomach bugs would usually be about 3-5 hours of vomitting, then taper off and the diarrhea may or may not make an appearance. The only reason I didn't have her into an urgent care, was because a friend has said her son had thrown up for 12 hours straight. Our elementary school principal said his own kindergartener got it 4 times!!!!

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