Autumn isn't just about pumpkin spice lattes!


Every autumn, the air is filled with optimism, happiness, & inspiration. This could be due to the start of the school year (or its nostalgia), football season, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the approaching holidays or simply being able to snuggle up in your most comfortable sweats. No matter the reason, we all feel it & it is this exact disposition which started me on my calligraphy journey in October of 2013.


This October marks 2 years since I began designing calligraphy products professionally & I am so grateful for all of those who have supported me throughout this adventure! These 2 years have seen many changes in my life, the biggest of which was moving from Virginia to California. I am very lucky & excited to be able to offer calligraphy services to clients all over the country due to the ease of sharing concepts, sketches, & final designs via the internet. 


With this year's autumnal optimism, I look forward to bigger & better things. This blog is a part of my next step in growing my business & I can't wait to share my calligraphy activities on a consistent basis. Not only will I be sharing my own calligraphy work, I will be highlighting new trends within the calligraphy/graphic design community, collaborations with other individual artists, home decor inspiration & various tips/tricks/DIY projects to inspire others to get out there & create!


Stay tuned.


liz lyons


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